The Team


  • Francisco Arriaga, PhD – Associate Professor and Extension State Specialist
  • Nicholas Bero, MS – Research Associate
  • John Jones, PhD – Researcher
  • Geoff Siemering, MS – Outreach Specialist

Current Students

  • Gloria Ambrowiak, PhD joint degree program in Soil Science, and Environmental Chemistry and Technology (co-advised with Dr. Matt Ginder-Vogel)
  • Daniela Orjuela-Diaz, PhD in Soil Science
  • Shyanne Lee, PhD in Soil Science
  • Carl Betz, PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Technology (co-advised with Dr. Matt Ginder-Vogel)

Past Students

Master in Science (MS)
  • Walker Crane, Soil Science – Research Technician, USDA-Agricultural Research Service
  • Kyle Kettner, Soil Science – Watershed Coordinator, Adams Co Land & Water Conservation Dept.
  • Laura Paletta (formerly Adams), Soil Science – Division of Extension, UW-Madison
  • Katherine Brewer, Soil Science and Agroecology – USDA-NRCS
  • Elyssa McFarland, Soil Science and Agronomy – Crop Consultant and producer
  • Fernando Ducamp, Agronomy and Soil Science (Auburn University) – Crop Consultant, Uruguay
  • Andre Biscaro, Agronomy and Soil Science (Auburn University) – University of California Extension Service
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Laxmi Prasad, PhD Biological Systems Engineering with minor in Soil Science (co-advised with Dr. Anita Thompson) – post doctoral fellow UW-Madison
  • Ekrem Ozlu, PhD, Soil Science with minor in Statistics – Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Hans Klopp, PhD, Soil Science (co-advised with Dr. William Bleam in Soil Science) – USDA-ARS
  • Melanie Stock, PhD, Soil Science – Assistant Professor, Utah State University
  • Spyros Mourtzinis, PhD MPS, Agronomy and Soil Science with Master in Probability and Statistics (Auburn University) – independent statistical consultant