The Team


Francisco Arriaga, PhD – Associate Professor and State Specialist

Nicholas Bero, MS – Research Associate

Geoff Siemering, MS – Outreach Specialist

Current Students

Gloria Ambrowiak, PhD joint degree program in Soil Science, and Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Chee Thao, PhD program in Soil Science

Walker Crane, MS program in Soil Science

Laxmi Prasad, PhD program in BSE with minor in Soil Science (co-advised with Dr. Anita Thompson in Biological Systems Engineering)

Clay Vanderleest, PhD program in Soil Science

Past Students

Master in Science (MS)

Laura Paletta (formerly Adams), Soil Science – Soil and Water Conservation, Manitowoc County WI

Katherine Brewer, Soil Science and Agroecology – USDA-NRCS

Elyssa McFarland, Soil Science and Agronomy – Crop Consultant

Fernando Ducamp, Agronomy and Soil Science (Auburn University) – Crop Consultant, Uruguay

Andre Biscaro, Agronomy and Soil Science (Auburn University) – University of California Extension Service

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Melanie Stock, PhD, Soil Science – Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Ekrem Ozlu, PhD, Soil Science with minor in Statistics – Postdoctoral Researcher, Michigan State University

Hans Klopp, PhD, Soil Science (co-advised with Dr. William Bleam in Soil Science) – USDA-ARS

Spyros Mourtzinis, PhD MPS, Agronomy and Soil Science with Master in Probability and Statistics (Auburn University) – independent statistical consultant